Aspermont Launches Digging For Climate Change

Aspermont (ASX:ASP, FRA:00W), the leading media services provider to the global resource industries, has launched a new multimedia product, 'Digging for Climate Change' (DFCC).

DFCC is our second live microsite and follows the successful launch of our Mining Journal Stakeholder Engagement programme (MJSEP) over 2020/2021.

Aspermont Managing Director Alex Kent said:

"Like Stakeholder Engagement, Digging for Climate Change is our dynamic response to a macro issue facing all participants in our industry. Our site will provide a platform for sophisticated conversation and industry collaboration. Aspermont has global reach and so DGCC will be a mining industry forum where key stakeholders from government, institutions, investors, and value chain participants can interact and exchange views.

This launch evidences the value of Aspermont's vertically integrated structure. We identify important industry issues and quickly assume leadership in global discussion on emerging industry themes. Through our subscriber based premium brands we help our audiences address new and critical issues."

About the programme:

Phase one of the programme is live and focuses on industry education: through conversation and high-level discussion on Climate Change and its wider implications for the mining industry.

We have an important role to play here as most sector participants are below the top tier and need to understand more about these issues and their implications. The most effective education is gained through exchanging views and sharing experiences with other industry participants. Digging for Climate change aims to provide thought leadership content online with an initial selection of Mining Journal news content foreducation on climate change. This content will be supplemented by podcast interviews and panel discussions with industry participants and service providers. We will also provide editorial guidance and present summary whitepapers.

Phase two of the programme will be implemented this European summer and will focus on alternative pathways for industry participants can consider to make progress towards meeting the targets being set by and for miners. That programme will bring in large institutions, intermediary stakeholders, and NGOs, and will culminate with a virtual roundtable that will address two-year goals for the industry on the way to meeting the key milestones set for 2030.

Aspermont Head of Research and Intelligence, Chris Cann said:

"One of the most effective tools the mining industry has in its response to climate change is collaboration.

The Digging for Climate Change site provides that free-to-access platform for the industry to share information and understand the viewpoints of external stakeholders, including those further down the value chain.

Just as mining has a responsibility to ensure the ethical delivery of the metals necessary for the energy transition, Mining Journal as the industry's flagship title has a responsibility to carry the conversation to key decision makers across the world."

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