Our Mission


Aspermont is and always has been an information business. Today this means global distribution of news, research and data to the global mining, energy, and agricultural industries.

Combined, our content reaches over 4 million people a year around the world, but we are still at an early stage in our journey. From our solid long-standing platform and through our global data base we are expanding Aspermont in both current and increasingly through new content formats. We anticipate and then meet customer needs.

Historically, media companies have pushed information to their communities. We still "push" but increasingly we also "pull" information and content from our subscriber base. Thought leadership discussions, interactive debates, customer surveys, keynote addresses - all enable us to generate new and relevant content from industry leaders and key interest groups. The analysis of audience behaviour helps us to identify emerging trends.

In this way Aspermont is dynamic and not static. This symbiotic information exchange within our ecosystems helps us to become better at identifying the real needs of our customers. And this enables us to provide better products and services. Step by step we enable our customers to, ‘dig a little deeper', as we ourselves evolve from ‘information distributor' to ‘preferred intelligence provider'.

Businesses place a greater value on our products and services when we help them make better decisions to improve their business outcomes.

Today, ‘business outcomes' are no longer judged simply on financials. Businesses cannot make decisions based solely on self-interest. The needs of the wider community have been mobilised with new demands for transformative changes in many aspects of our life and commerce. What you do and how you do it matters, and we adapt our services to meet the new requirements.

To adapt continuously requires both innovation and organisational agility and we have these critical attributes.

At the end of the day, we are here to supply our communities with the information, intelligence, and the tools they require to make better decisions. Better decisions for themselves and for the wider community. This is the Aspermont value proposition and why customers buy our services.

Our voice matters

What inspires me about Aspermont is that despite our relatively small size, the consequence of what we do in providing content and services - on a day-to-day basis - has real influence on decision making by companies addressing important macro issues in the world today.

We are the largest media organisation dedicated to the mining sector both globally and regionally and we are developing dominant brands also in energy and agriculture. We touch over 4 million people with our content on an annual basis and our client base reads like a who's who of the Fortune 500.

This confirms that our voice matters - what we say and what we do not say matters. The client services we provide matter as do the products and services those clients provide for their global customer base.

We interact at high levels. Obviously, we interact with CEOs and management of multinational companies, and leaders of the global financial markets on a day-to-day basis. But importantly we are also in contact with NGO's, heads of state and religious leaders. Our voice is heard and has influence.

Our Aspiration

We provide a platform for communities to come together, to share information and opinions and through collaboration to make better considered decisions. Our aspiration is to provide the information and the research to help improve and optimise industry best practices and to help in the incorporation of technological innovation in what are often traditional industries.

We have a big platform and a voice on topics of global significance. Our business has a role to play in the acceleration of change in industries that account for 19% of Global GDP and, together with their supply chains, impact over 20% of the global population.

There is no other media company with such a responsibility or the ability to impact key global decision makers to plan for a better future. We work to enable businesses to dig deeper to make better decisions for a brighter future.

Our Mission

Aspermont is a global leader in business- to-business media, providing timely, independent, and high value content.

We bring together communities to collaborate, problem solve and find innovative breakthroughs for some of the most pressing challenges in the world today.

We are proud to serve industries which are critical to both sustain and improve our quality of life.

"We enable business to

dig deeper and

make better decisions

for a brighter future"


Information for Industry