Aspermont delivers subscription based content through digital, print, conferencing and events channels. We aim to deliver high quality and objective Business to Business (B2B) information services across the sectors that we serve and these are supplemented with additional online resources.

Over the last 20 years, the company has been at the forefront of development in new media technologies to enable an expanded and enhanced delivery of its content services. The company's recent digital transformation (codename: Project Horizon) has completed its primary phase and is now focused significantly on marketing automation.

AI and algorithm driven marketing systems, based off continual digital data capture and behavioral analysis, are revolutionizing the way the business attracts, retains, upsells and cross monetizes its audiences.

Aspermont is a UK Headquartered media group, listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: ASP) and with offices in London, Perth, Sydney, Denver and Belo Horizonte. Aspermont is an established leader in the delivery of paid content across all areas of the mining, energy and agricultural industries.

Aspermont provides timely and independent commentary across all communities in the mining, energy and agricultural markets and offers targeted end-to-end media solutions to our sponsorship partners.


Aspermont provides timely and independent commentary across all communities in the mining and energy markets and offers targeted end-to-end media solutions to our sponsorship partners



The Aspermont board has extensive experience in the mining and resource sectors and actively helps guide the growth strategy of the company.  Individual board members extend this range of expertise across the banking, legal, accountancy and broader media sectors.

The Managing Director leads a team of 4 executives based in London and responsible for the management of five overseas offices with an overall staff of more than 150 persons worldwide.

Key management possess the relevant industry experience and business skills to achieve the highest industry standards and to maintain high levels of ethical responsibility.


Aspermont's media credentials have been established over two centuries of continuous service to the mining sectors and are unchallenged today. As Mining Journal has been published in London for 185 years and Mining Magazine for 106 years, Aspermont owns the longest established global brands in the mining and energy sectors.

In Australia, Aspermont has been at the forefront of B to B media developments across a number of sectors and with Australia's Mining Monthly and being outright leaders in mining.


    ASX Listing

    Aspermont lists on the Australian Stock Exchange and commences a new phase of growth.


    Pioneers Online Paywall Solution

    Aspermont launches the first online paywall news website in Australia. Its offering dominates the marketplace and generates strong returns for the company still today.


    Brand Leadership in Energy Established

    Aspermont rolls out its successful online paid news model across 8 other B2B sectors and build strong brand leadership in the Energy market with EnergyNewsBulletin (ENB).


    Global Positioning & Leadership in Mining Established

    Aspermont acquires UK based Mining Communications Limited; its key global competitor in mining media. In doing so the company takes full control of 200 year brand icon Mining Journal and 100 year sister brand Mining Magazine. In doing so the company cements its dominance in global B2B media for the mining industry.


    Web 3.0 - Semantic Search Evolution

    Aspermont develops and launches ('ASPIRE') the first of a series of semantic based vertical search solutions. The architecture and algorithms provide the underlying framework for the group's long-term digital strategy.


    Brand Leadership in Agriculture Established

    Aspermont acquires Kondinin Group - large membership based and market leader in research and information for the Australian Agricultural sector.


    Latin America expansion

    Aspermont rolls out the updated version of its online commercial model in Brazil. Driven by a strengthened expertise in digital marketing, (NMB) breaks through as the standalone digital leader for mining publishing in the Brazilian market within 18 months.


    New Executive Team

    New four man executive team appointed - ex Microsoft, Equifax and Incisive Media. New team has significant marketing, technology and change management expertise. New team leads 2 year restructuring and transformation of Aspermont operations and business model.


    Project Horizon

    Aspermont begins phased roll out of its next generation platform codenamed: Project Horizon (PH). Large internal efficiencies alongside a focus on deep data and marketing automation enable the company to power its enhanced content-subscription proposition and lays the foundations for accelrated growth in subscriptions revenues.


    Aspermont launches Mining Journal Americas

    Aspermont launches a dedicated Americas focus product from within its Mining Journal flagship brand (MJA) and begins a multi-year project to develop far deeper penetration in its core mining market. The launch and commericialisation speed of MJA showcases the basic scalability of Aspermont's digital model when focused to new competitive markets.


    Beacon Events Disposal

    Posts a 12 month turn around of its loss making joint venture Beacon Events; Aspermont sells its 60% stake and applies those proceeds to reforming its balance sheet and funding the development of its new business lines.


    New Board Appointed

    Aspermont appoints three new directors to its five man board. the new directors bring significant industry networks and strong skills sets in operational efficiency, mergers & acquisition and corporate finance.


    Transformation Complete & Knowledge Capital Search

    2 year transformation of Aspermont complete at a financial, operational structure, back office efficiency and personnel level. Aspermont becomes one of the few to successfully cross the digital divide and build new revenue growth in its core products to outpace the decline of its old. Aspermont ramps up its disciplined recruitment drive, for high-caliber digital media personnel across all its markets.


    New Chief Commercial Officer Appointed

    Aspermont appoints a new Group CCO who brings a wealth of experience in media sales for both the technology and financial industry's. Aspermont's CCO will focus on developing a deeper solution sales based culture within the business to help it maximize the wealth of client sponsorship opportunities that it has. 


    Launch of Events Division

    Aspermont launches a new Events Division to provide a complimentary service to its existing media assets. In 2018 the company launched 4 new global event series with its primary product 'Future Of Mining' having record breaking success. The Company expects to launch an additional 4 series over the next few years covering all its sectors.


    Launch of Research Division

    Aspermont launches a new Research Division - Mining Journal Intelligence (MJI) - to take the next step in its continual evolution and commitment to highest value content provision. The successful launch of MJI marks the first of many new research divisions that the company will develop over the next few years to further develop Aspermont's industry leadership


    New Group People Director Appointed

    Aspermont appoints a new Group People Director (GPD) who brings a wealth of experience in Human Resources from both small tech start-up and large digital media organisations. The appointment of the GPD reflects the importance Aspermont now attributes to its developing People strategy alongside the high growth business phase the company is now in. The GPD will optimise Aspermont's abilities in talent attraction, engagement, development and retention.



    The business is launching three new revenue divisions in Data, Research Intelligence and Events; whilst continuing to invest and power its core subscriptions and advertising models.