Aspermont is the leading media services provider to the global resource industries.

Aspermont has invested 20 years in building a commercial model for B2B media that is founded on providing high value content to a global subscriber base.

Aspermont is scaling this B2B model to serve new sectors and new countries and in new languages to maintain global leadership.

Aspermont is dual listed on the ASX and Frankfurt Stock Exchange with offices in UK, Australia, Brazil, North America, and the Philippines.

Aspermont has built a commercial model for B2B media that is scalable both by geography and by sector.



Aspermont board members have extensive experience in media, corporate finance and the mining and energy sectors. Independent directors contribute experience and expertise across legal, accountancy and corporate governance matters.

Alex Kent as Managing Director leads a team of 4 key executives who all have extensive C-suite experience at blue chip media and technology companies. All the executive team are tied in with equity based LTIPs.

Aspermont has four main offices, each on a different continent with a staff of 200 persons worldwide.


Aspermont has a consolidated position as the leading media services provider to the global resource sectors. Aspermont brands such as Mining Journal and Mining Magazine have served the mining industry with high value content for 185 years and 110 years respectively building loyal and premium quality audiences.

Early in the internet age, Aspermont became a digital pioneer and successfully established one of the first media paywalls in 2002 and then developed semantic search architecture in 2008.

Over the past 20 years, Aspermont has achieved significant competitive advantage as a global rather than regional media services provider, prompting the exit of regional competitors on several continents.

Aspermont has entered a major growth phase in B2B media, driven by technological innovation able to expand the product range geographically and by sector to serve a global audience growing at 30% each year.

Today Aspermont is clearly the leading media services provider to the global mining and energy sectors with a growing presence in agriculture.

Aspermont's media credentials have been established over two centuries of continuous service to the mining sectors and are unchallenged today. As Mining Journal has been published in London for 185 years and Mining Magazine for 106 years, Aspermont owns the longest established global brands in the mining and energy sectors.

In Australia, Aspermont has been at the forefront of B2B media developments across a number of sectors and with Australia's Mining Monthly and being outright leaders in mining.


    The Aspermont Legacy

    Aspermont owns the world's longest established mining industry titles, Mining Journal and Mining Magazine, with a combined 286-year heritage. They have been an indispensable source of information to support growth of the mining sector in Europe, Africa, the Americas and Australia. These two brands were the foundation for Aspermont's rise to become the dominant B2B global media services provider to the mining and energy industries today.

    Mining Journal and Mining Magazine

    ASX Listing

    Aspermont lists on the Australian Stock Exchange and commences a new phase of growth.


    Aspermont Pioneers the Online Paywall Solution

    In 2001, Aspermont launched the first online paywall news website in Australia. dominates the mining digital information market and established the architecture for the subscriptions model for the 8 titles Aspermont has today.


    Aspermont launches

    In 2003, Aspermont successfully scaled its mining news paywall solution into the Energy sector of the Australian market. Today is the outright brand leader and is experiencing rapid audience growth.


    Aspermont Goes Global

    Aspermont acquires the London based Mining Communications Limited, the custodian of Mining Journal and Mining Magazine, to establish a global B2B media company serving the mining industry.


    Aspermont Develops Semantic Search Products

    In 2010, Aspermont co-developed and launched ASPIRE, the first of a series of semantic based search solutions. The architecture and algorithms designed for ASPIRE provided critical differentiators for Aspermont's digital media capabilities.


    Aspermont Enters Agriculture

    In 2010, Aspermont acquired Kondinin Group to enter the Australian agricultural sector. The launch of and the government endorsed Australian Farmer of The Year Awards quickly established brand leadership of the important Australian agricultural sector.

    Farming Ahead

    Farmer of The Year Awards


    Aspermont establishes a LATAM Presence

    Aspermont scaled is digital media paywall model into the Brazilian mining market in 2013. overtook a 30-year-old incumbent competitor within 18 months to establish brand leadership as a Latin American publisher.

    The simultaneous opening of Aspermont's Brazilian office in Belo Horizonte provides the hub for further expansion across the continent.
  • 2015 - 2017
    Aspermont 2.0

    A New Management Team Achieves Legacy Business Turnaround

    Between 2014 and 2017 some 83% of Aspermont's legacy business, in print, advertising and live events, was disrupted.

    A new management team was assembled to re-build the business with a new digital focus. In the next 3 years, this management team achieved a comprehensive operational, digital, and financial turnaround.

    During this time management settled an international legal case with Beacon Events which had previously occupied significant time and resources.


    Project Horizon Establishes the XaaS Model

    In 2017, Aspermont began the phased roll out of its next generation digital media platform codenamed: Project Horizon. The new platform enables advanced business capabilities in marketing automation, UX design and data analysis. It also allows for the optimisation of commercial workflows to lay the foundation for long term growth in Subscriptions revenue and all associated XaaS metrics.


    Aspermont Establishes a North American Presence

    Aspermont had served a large North American audience for over a hundred years and in 2017 the company prioritised the establishment of a North American business. New services, products and continental resources were specifically designed for North American companies with strong commercial outcomes and consistent growth.

    Mining Journal Americas

    Future of Mining Americas


    Aspermont launches an Events Division

    Aspermont launches a new live and virtual Events Division in 2018 to extend its range of client services.

    The Future of Mining and Mining Journal Select global events series quickly became significant revenue and contribution drivers.

    Future of Mining and Mining Journal Select


    Aspermont establishes a Research Division

    In 2018 Aspermont established Mining Journal Intelligence, a new Research Division to extend its range of products to serve a growing range of blue-chip clients.

    Aspermont has built a reputation for providing high value content and the new research division has had a significant impact on subscriber penetration, engagement, retention, and upselling. Aspermont continues to roll out additional research services to meet subscriber demand.

    Mining Journal Intelligence

    Mining Magazine Intelligence

    Aspermont Research and Intelligence


    Aspermont establishes a Content Agency Division

    Aspermont launches a new Content Agency division to extend its client services.

    The new agency provides deeper marketing focus for clients on key topics and thought leadership.

    Long-term, multi stakeholder and multimedia campaigns serve to elevate Aspermont commercial propositions and support industry relationships and alliances.

    Content Works

    Mining Journal Stakeholder Engagement


    Aspermont Establishes a Data Division

    In 2019, Aspermont established a new Data division to extend its client services.

    After years of high audience growth, Aspermont develops a range of segmented data solutions for its client base. This new division will be a major longer term growth area.

    Data Works


    Aspermont Launches Virtual Events & Exhibitions (VEE) Division

    In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its restrictions on live events; Aspermont accelerated the launch of its VEE division.

    Leveraging its successful live event series the company has significant early successes and building a long term revenue foundation.

    Future of Mining 365


    Key Financial Milestone: Break Event Point

    After 6 years of full business turnaround, continual earnings and revenue improvements and over 20 consecutive quarters of back to back growth in subscriptions revenues and all XaaS metrics, Aspermont delivers its maiden profit.


    German Stock Market Listings

    Looking to brings its story to a new investor market, Aspermont list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and is quickly picked up by other regional and pan-European exchanges.





    Aspermont is the leading media services provider to the global resource industries.

    In the last 7 years Aspermont has transformed from an 187 year old print publisher to be a leading mediatech innovator.

    Aspermont's core business models are XaaS based and have delivered consecutive quarter on quarter growth for seven successive years.

    Aspermont is high growth, high margin, profitable and cash generative.

    Aspermont intends to build on its leadership in existing markets and to expand the business model by geography, by language and by sector.