Aspermont Launches Second Research Division

Aspermont (ASX:ASP), the market leader in B2B media for the global resources sector, is pleased to announce the launch of its second research division - Mining Magazine Intelligence (MMI) - with the inaugural Automation Report 2020 (AR).

MMI follow the successful launch of Mining Journal Intelligence (MJI) as announced to market in 2017.

  • Over the last 4-years Aspermont's subscriptions have seen large lifts in pricing (70%+ in ARPU) alongside significant rises (+15%) in its retention rate.
  • The MJI division, that launched in 2017 has been an increasingly important catalyst for driving that pricing and retention performance.
  • In its first 2 full years MJI has built over $250k of annually recurring subscriptions revenue streams and more than $400k of client sponsorship revenues.
  • MMI is expected to follow the same trajectory of its brand peer.

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Aspermont Managing Director Alex Kent said:

"The establishment of the Mining Magazine Intelligence (MMI) unit is a natural progression for Aspermont to leverage its extensive historical base in Mining Magazine's 110 years of continuous publication.

The prior launch of Mining Journal Intelligence (MJI), a few years ago, has proved a successful pilot for what will now become the model for a series of other new research division launches.

Aspermont is founded on the principles of high-value content and premium paying audiences. Its long-established brands and database support the company's accelerated growth strategy which leverages industry intelligence and Aspermont's global digital distribution capabilities to provide new quality recurring revenues to incrementally build Aspermont's bottom-line profits."

Product Overview - Automation Report 2020

Aspermont is pleased to announce publication of the Automation Report, a comprehensive review of automation in the mining industry. This important report is a product of the newly created Mining Magazine Intelligence (MMI) division. Aspermont research, at large, has been covering developments in the mining industry since Mining Journal was first published in 1835.

The Automation Report is focussed on the current state of technology in the global mining industry, covering both major mines and advanced development projects, collecting 50 technologically focussed data points for 80 mines, all of which are globally significant producers.

The Automation Report is the first publication from the Mining Magazine intelligence suite of research products which are designed to provide a comprehensive review of important aspects of the mining industry with access to a specific data base. New research products in this format to be launched include the Exploration Report, the Digitalisation Report and the Future Fleets Report. These will become annual publications, produced by the dedicated Mining Magazine Intelligence team and all emanate from Aspermont's long established and increasingly robust internal database covering all aspects of the global mining industry.

Chris Cann, Head of Aspermont Research & Intelligence, said:

"We found that despite the rhetoric on the importance of automation technology, the actual implementation of new opportunities has been limited on a global scale and not enough new mines are being built. New mines in production or under consideration benefit from built in automation and yet the building of new mines and the retrofitting of existing mines has been held back by the lack of a comprehensive, constantly updated data base on the many alternative automation processes now available. We, at Mining Magazine Intelligence, have addressed this issue and our research confirms that the return on investment at partly or fully automated operations is far higher when automation processes have been installed"

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About Aspermont

Aspermont is ASX listed with offices in Australia, UK, Brazil, North America, and the Philippines. Aspermont targets global media leadership in the Mining, Agriculture, Energy and Technology sectors. Aspermont has invested heavily over 20 years to build a commercial model for B2B digital media distribution to provide high value content to a global subscriber base. Aspermont's B2B model is scalable as to new countries, new commodity sectors and in new languages.

Aspermont has increasingly become the dominant player in B2B media for the resources sector.

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