Aspermont relaunches Mining News with enhanced features

Aspermont Limited is pleased to announce the re-launch and upgrade of its flagship online news portal Mining News —

Edited by award-winning journalist Kristie Batten, the new website boasts best-practices in digital publishing, with responsive design for viewing on mobile devices and search optimization to better display current and archive content in search engine results.

Alex Kent, MD, said "Aspermont Australia's General Manager Sean McKeown and his team have taken a significant step forward with the upgrade and relaunch of Mining News on our next generation platform. This opens a suite of new functions for subscribers and will optimize access to our archive by internal and external search engines through related content and key word search.

Mining News is unique in maintaining an extensive archive of over 70,000 mining-related news and information items dating back to 2000 when the site first launched."

Other improvements include a dedicated section incorporating features and company profiles from sister publication, RESOURCESTOCKS. This new section supplements news items with more in-depth articles on companies, individuals, and other issues relevant to those researching companies for investment purposes.

Like Aspermont's many other titles, Mining News operates a subscription paywall model and this is now offered as a multi-tiered package, with standard and premium level access allowing subscribers to choose the amount of content that fits their needs and budget.

In supporting the mining community we add some useful tools such as a mining job board which allows employers and recruiters to post and in turn distribute job posts to the mining news audience. The re-launch of the job board marks a return to this space for Aspermont, with plans to expand this offering through Aspermont mining titles in other markets. It also compliments the rapidly growing, 30K+, social media audience that Aspermont has with its Mining News & Jobs Facebook page.

The relaunch of Mining News confirms Aspermont's commitment to provide content which can be viewed and shared from any device, anywhere in the world and to enhance the opportunity for Mining News to grow its global audience in the mining and energy sectors.