Aspermont confirms Mining Magazine has successfully crossed the paywall

Aspermont is pleased to announce that Mining Magazine, which for 106 years was a free to view print magazine, is now established on the company's new Project Horizon platform as a pay to view online product. Upon introducing paywall content to its audience for the first time, MiningMagazine has retained its controlled circulation print readership of circa 80,000+ but crossed its first online milestone of 1,000 new paid subscribers.

The first annual renewal sequence which commenced 2 month ago indicates an 80%+ subscriber retention pattern which the company expects to continue over the forthcoming year as new subscriber volumes continue to grow.

In conjunction with the increasing paid subscriber base has seen:

  • 75% increase in users
  • 82% increase in page views
  • 23% increase in digital advertising revenues

Alex Kent, Aspermont's Managing Director said:-
"Mining Magazine was one of the first products to be launched on Aspermont's new Project Horizon platform a year ago and with successful subscriptions returns plus increased digital advertising revenues has already justified our significant investment in technology and content generation.

Mining Magazine's revenue growth has been achieved against a backdrop of difficult market conditions which confirms the validity of Aspermont's digital media strategy. Mining Magazine will continue to enhance its value to the global mining audience through a focus on greater content depth supplemented by analytics and data services."

Mining Magazine's tablet product, launched in May 2013, also continues to grow pushing beyond a 7,000 readership level. The company has accelerated digital subscriber on boarding initiatives for the remainder of Mining Magazine print readership that are due to roll out in the next few months.