Aspermont research unit drives news agenda

Global information outlets including the BBC and S&P Global are turning to Aspermont's newest research unit - Mining Journal Intelligence - to shape their news agendas.
BBC Radio interviewed Chris Cann, head of Mining Journal Intelligence, about the challenges facing UK fertiliser developer Sirius Minerals. Mr Cann explained how Sirius's plan to launch a polyhalite mine in the north of England may have to be put on hold after the company's efforts to raise the necessary funding have so far come up short. The interview is available on the Aspermont website at this link.
Meanwhile, S&P Global published a story last week based on MJ Intelligence's Global Leadership Report. The story quoted Mr Cann's presentation at MJ's first Future of Mining EMEA conference in London, during which he highlighted how the mining industry's outdated approach to safety, community engagement and technological standards could curb access to funding.
The excerpt from the article can be found at this link.