At Communigator's recent GatorCon18 event, Aspermont won the "Best Planned Customer Journey 2018" Award, for our work on a series of welcome emails for new subscribers.

The Customer Lifecycle Journey (CLCJ) developed by Marketing Director Lynette Stewart was recognised by Communigator, a marketing automation software, as a highly planned means of email direct marketing to nurture new leads and reduce current subscription churn. The CLCJ uses an effective series of on-boarding emails, frequent content engagement campaigns and systems to up sell, cross sell, and sustain high levels of renewals which fosters continued revenue growth for Aspermont and its investors.

Aspermont's acquisition of new subscribers is another subtle yet meticulously planned workflow. Based on active engagement patterns identified throughout our brand specific daily newsletter series, the company is able to send relevant communications based on interest and demographic to warm the user and guide them towards a subscriptions purchase.

To read the full details of the Awards, including a short interview with Lynette Stewart, click here.