Mining News Brazil meets the Brazilian mining sector's need for strategic information

The Brazilian mining sector is presently being challenged by weak commodity prices (particularly iron ore and coal), rising capital costs, water shortages and uncertainties over interpretation of the mining code. Against this background, Mining News Brazil ( has successfully become established as the leading Portuguese language news service for the Brazilian mining sector.

Aspermont Brazil was established in late 2012 and started producing online content from an office in Belo Horizonte in March 2013. The Brazilian mining sector has embraced this publication, recognising the value of a continuous supply of objective and strategic information for decision making in South America.

Mining News Brazil's website reports that it is currently attracting over 28,000 unique users per month, 60% more than in November 2014 and 120% up on May 2014 (as tracked by Google Analytics).

The growth is even more impressive based on total investor sessions on site which includes both first-time and returning visitors; this measure shows over 100,000 sessions in the month to 24 April 2015, up 63% since November 2014 and up a massive 235% since April 2014.

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